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πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ’– Affordable Stores for Teacher Classroom Supplies 2019 πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ’–

Hey XO Gang!

It’s Shabria here with a new blog post. If you’re one of my day one readers, thank you for returning and if you’re new to my blog, welcome and I hope you stick around for more blog posts from me.

So, I was inspired to write this blog post because I have a few online friends who are teachers — both first year and veterans — and they probably wanted some help. Some of these stores are located in the US and Canada, but if you live in a different country I’m pretty sure that your country has one of these stores or something similar.

But anyways, without making introduction LONGER LOL here we go.

  • Dollar Tree | Now, you know that the DT is my favorite store by now LOL.
  • Target | Some Target locations are putting their teacher classroom supplies and decorations on display in the Bullseye Playground/Dollar Spot section.
  • Michaels | Right now, Michaels is having A LOT of GREAT deals for teachers and crafters. So, make sure that you’re signed up on their Michaels Rewards and don’t worry, it’s a free sign up.
  • Tuesday Morning | I haven’t shopped in Tuesday Morning before but from watching a few haul videos on Youtube on the store, they have a lot of nicely priced teacher supplies.
  • Five Below | If you don’t have this store in your state, you can order online. And no, they don’t ship worldwide.
  • Big Lots | This store has a lot of affordable teacher supplies.
  • TJ MAXX | TJ MAXX doesn’t have a lot of teacher classroom supplies but it doesn’t hurt to look around in the store to find any items, hey maybe you’ll walk out of the store with four bags LOL.
  • Family Dollar | To anyone who doesn’t know what Family Dollar is, it’s similar to Dollar Tree but not everything is $1. Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General are sister stores *I think*.
  • Walmart | Walmart has a lot of very affordable teacher classroom supplies.
  • Dollar General | Just like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, Dollar General has alot of teacher classroom supplies.
  • Dollarama | Dollarama is ONLY located in Canada, so if you live in Canada go to closest location and shop.

So, I really hope this helped you out. Good luck teaching to my first year teachers ❀️

Much love and I’ll write to you next time.


πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ’– Best Stores for Birthday Decorations *On The Budget* πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ’–

Hey XO Gang!

If you’re new to my blog, I’m Shabria. And, if you’re one of day one readers, thank you for returning for my new blog post!

On this blog post, I want to share a few stores that sells affordable birthday decorations, with and without a coupon. These stores has decorations that are unisex, girly, for all ages, and themed.

  • Dollar Tree : Yeah, it really isn’t a list without mentioning Dollar Tree lol. Yes, the DT has a lot of birthday decorations especially themed decorations as well.
  • Icing : Growing up, I loved shopping at Icing. Now, that they closed a few locations nationwide, you can still shop online and they also changed their age demographic from 15+ to 21+. Right now, on their website, there’s a 40% flash sale, I don’t know how long it’s gonna last but I shouldn’t waste any time, so go get your online shop on. *Not Worldwide Shipping*
  • Etsy : Etsy has some pretty decorations for birthdays. I haven’t ordered anything for Etsy yet but I can definitely say that I’m gonna make my order soon.
  • Party City : Party City has a lot of birthday decorations for all ages and themed, also party favors.
  • Target : Target doesn’t have a huge selection of birthday decorations but there’s some birthday decorations in the Bullseye Playground / Dollar Spot section.
  • Windsor Store : This store has some pretty cute birthday items that are pretty affordable but it is little pricey, but they do have some great online and in-store deals.
  • Walmart: Just like Party City, Walmart has alot of birthday decorations for all ages and different themes depending what location you shop from.

Okay, those are the few stores that I can think of that has affordable birthday decorations for all ages, themed, girly, and unisex.

I really hope enjoy reading this blog post and have a great birthday. Much love, Shabria


πŸ’–β™‹β™ŒπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday July Babies πŸ’–β™‹β™ŒπŸŽ‚

Hey XO Gang!

If you’re new to my blog, I’m Shabria. And, if you’re one of my day one readers, thank you for returning, much love!

If your birthday is in this month of July, I want to wish you a happy birthday! Either you’re celebrating your birthday around family, friends, or by yourself. My birthday is on the 29th and I’m turning 27 this year and I’m really excited for my birthday. Well, it really doesn’t matter how old I’m turning, I’m always pretty excited for my birthday, just celebrating my birthday with my family.

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πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“βœ¨ My Advice to High School Graduates πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“βœ¨

Hey XO Gang!

I’m Shabria, if you are new to my blog. And, if you are one of my day one readers, thank you so much for returning *virtual hugs*. On today’s blog post, I want to share my advice for recent high school graduates. First, I want to say congratulations to class of 2019, I’m really proud of you!

Now, I want to give you some advice that I’ve learned and what parents were trying to tell me after when I graduated from high school. I graduated from high school back in 2010, in case anyone wanted to know that tiny information about me. So, here we go…

Advice #1: It’s okay if your parents or you want to take a year or two off from school.

Advice #2: Attending either community college, trade school, or taking online courses are perfectly okay. This is YOUR education not anyone else’s.

Advice #3: If you can, find a full or part time job to help pay off your tuition. If you have a little trouble finding a job, there’s alot of work from home jobs. *I’ll make a few blog posts about working from home*.

Advice #4: Everyone else has their OWN college experiences.

Advice #5: Your mental and physical health are very IMPORTANT.

Advice #6: It’s fine that you don’t want to go to college. NOT everyone is college material but you do need to find employment to keep yourself sane.

Advice #7: Take classes that YOU want to take, not your parents.

Advice #8: Remember to stay focused during your classes, especially if you have an learning disability. And it’s okay to ask for help.

Okay, so those were my advice to the recent high school graduates, and please take this into consideration. Thank you so much for reading this blog post, much love!


Father’s Day Poem | My Dad by Vicky Frye

“My Dad” written by Vicky Frye

If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I’d write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.
My dad, he was no heroΒ 
Known around this world.
He was everything to me,Β 
For I was his baby girl.
I’d write about the lessons.
He taught me right from wrong.
He instilled in me the values
That one day I’d be strong.
He taught me to face my fears,
Take each day as it comes,
For there are things that we can’t change.
He would say what’s done is done.
He would say hold your head up high,
Carry yourself with pride.
Thanks to him, I am somebody,
I will never run and hide.
If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I’d write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.


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πŸ“šπŸ’– BOOK REVIEW | Karma by Donna Augustine πŸ“šπŸ’–

Hey XO Gang!

I’m Shabria if you’re new to my blog. And if you’re one of day one readers, thank you for returning *virtual hugs*. Okay, I’m back doing these book reviews on my blog, but instead of doing monthly book wrap ups I’m doing individual book reviews. So, I finished reading Karma by Donna Augustine, I saw this book on my bookbub ebook suggestion and I purchased it through Amazon Kindle for free. There’s three more books in the Karma series, they’re priced at $2.99 and they do have an audible narration that cost about $7.49 only on book one through three, book four doesn’t have an audible narration at the moment.

Here’s the book synopsis of Karma:

People say karma’s a….well, you know. Personally, I don’t think I’m that bad. It’s not like I wanted this job. I wasn’t even in my right mind when I accepted the position.

Now, I’m surrounded by crazy coworkers like Lady Luck, who’s a bit of a tramp, and Murphy’s Law, who’s a bumbling oaf. But the worst is Fate. He’s got problem with transfers like myself, and I have to see him constantly. It’s unavoidable. We’re hunting the same man, my murderer.

So, here’s what the book is about and I’m going to try my best to describe it because I’m terrible at explaining things LOL. The book is about a young lady named Camilla, who’s later renamed ‘Karma’ was killed in a train wreak. But, she later found out that the train wreak wasn’t an accident, so she hunts down the person who killed her before she gets reborn with her ‘partner’, Fate who doesn’t like transfers. While she is adapting being dead, she has to leave behind her family, her fiancee, and her promising career as a judge.

MY REVIEW/THOUGHTS: I really did enjoyed this book, it was my first time reading a book from Donna Augustine and it won’t be the last. There’s a few parts in this book are funny and jaw dropping *in my opinion* and there’s a some cursing but we’re mature here, so no big deal LOL. I will definitely pick up book two of the Karma series when I get the chance to. Letting everyone know, that this book isn’t a romance, it’s a urban fantasy/ supernatural suspense. So, if you like reading books in that genre and it sounds interesting to you, I think that you should give it a read. I, personally, gave this book 5/5 stars.

Thank you for reading my book review, I really do appreciate it. Happy reading! Much love to you.

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πŸ‘¨β€ Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas πŸ‘¨β€

Hey XO Gang! I’m Shabria if you’re new to my blog. And if you’re one of my day one readers, thank you for returning *virtual hugs*.

So, on this blog post, I want to share some last minute Father’s Day gift ideas. Where I live, Father’s Day is on June 16th so if Father’s Day passed where you live, these gift ideas are perfect for your dad’s birthday. Now, these are the gift ideas that I can think of and yes, I understand that not all dads like the same thing and all dads are different. So, here we go..

  • Men gift sets (cologne, shaving cream, shower gel, body lotion, and hair gel)
  • Men loungewear (slippers, pajamas, or socks)
  • Jewelry (earrings, man bracelet, chain, or pinky ring)
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Gift card to his favorite store or stores
  • Workwear
  • Take him out to breakfast or dinner

Well, like I said that’s all of the Father’s Day gift ideas I can come up with. Thank you so much for reading this blog post and have a happy Father’s Day if you celebrate it. Much love to you!

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βœ¨πŸ’– What I’ve Learned About My Learning Disabilities βœ¨πŸ’–

Hey XO Gang. I’m Shabria if you’re new on my blog. And if you’re one of my day one readers, thank you for returning *virtual hugs*.

In this blog, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about my learning disabilities. To anyone who wants to know what I’m diagnosed with, I have dyscalculia and APD (short for auditory processing disorder) and I was diagnosed when I was in kindergarten of 1997-1998. APD is short for auditory processing disorder and it’s a condition that makes it hard for kids and adults to recognize subtle differences between sounds in words. Researchers don’t fully understand where things break down between what the ear hears and what the brain processes. But the result is clear: Kids and adults with APD can have trouble making sense of what other people say. And dyscalculiaΒ is a specific learning disability in math. Kids and adults with dyscalculia may have difficulty understanding number-related concepts or using symbols or functions needed for success in mathematics.

So, I gave you an small breakdown what both APD and dyscalculia is . Now, I want to share what I’ve learned.

I’ve Learned….

  • I don’t have any hearing loss. My hearing is normal.
  • I need to more patient with myself and telling people around me to be patient.
  • It’s okay to ask someone to repeat themselves, even though they will might get upset or frustrated with me.
  • It’s very important to spread awareness about learning disabilities to others who don’t truly understand or who are curious.
  • I have the confidence and faith that I can do ANYTHING (i.e. go to school, take an online course, start an online business, or whatever)
  • I have my OWN way of learning material and information
  • It’s okay to take some classes to improve my APD

Okay, that’s what I’ve learned about my learning disabilities. Thank you so much for reading my blog post whenever you’re reading this. Much love to you.

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πŸŒΈβœ¨πŸ’– My Favorite Quotes #1 πŸŒΈβœ¨πŸ’–

“Women with ambition talk about ideas not gossips. Women with ambition lead, they don’t follow.”

“Don’t wonder what will happen next. Decide what will happen next.”

“You gotta be your own inspiration, push yourself. let your desire for passion build you up.”

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.”

“Stop getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals.”

“You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, EVER. Make your moves, keep your focus and continue to build.”

“It’s a different glow when you’re happy, stress free, f*ck boy free, fake friend free, and focused.”

“REMINDER: No one has it all together. NO ONE.”

“There will be many chapters in your life. Don’t get lost in the one you’re in now.”