Dear Blog: My Unemployment Blues :(

Dear blog,

Just letting you know, that I’m not ashamed of being unemployed and I am trying a finding a job. It’s been 6 years now since I was let go from my first job and I’m still trying to find that “everything happens for reason” and “silver lining.” I’m really grateful that my parents know that I’m trying and haven’t nagged me on finding employment. There’s those days that I feel like I’m doing something wrong with submitting applications and follow ups. I would print out the applications from online via stores, fill them out and submit in person to the hiring manager; after a few days, I do follow up and they say the famous line: “I’m sorry but we don’t have application on file.” *face palm* It’s so frustrating!

But I’m not giving up on job hunting and never will. But the time being, how I’m making some money, I do surveys, sell my unused and gently used items, baby/house sit, reviews, etc. I don’t a lot of money but I do make around $1-$20 a week or every other week.

A little advice to other unemployed men and women, I give nothing but positive job hunting energy and don’t give up.


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