My Unemployment Blues: Update *6.7.16*

Hey lovebugs!

You probably want an update on my job hunting; well, I haven’t gotten a call for an interview yet but hopefully I will. I’m really thankful for my parents being understanding of my unemployment and also starting my own online business, they know that I’m really trying to be independent and providing again and I’m really do appreciate it from them. I did submit about 4 job applications and I also did a follow up, they replied ‘We’re not hiring at the moment, but we will put my application on file.’ I swear, I hate it hearing that, it’s like their favorite thing to say; especially hearing ‘well, I guess you don’t want to work,’ and also ‘oh so popular’ ‘well, try harder then.’  I wish that people would understand about unemployment, we used to work just like you and then the unexpected happened, we were laid off from our job and we’re trying to get back into the job field but we’re either under or overqualified for the position that we’re applying for, we don’t have enough experience, or we need more education/become bilingual. So all of that ‘you’re not trying’, ‘you’re being lazy’ talk, it isn’t true because we’re really trying and we’re not lazy. We’re the same people who used to work at a decent job that paid well to pay our bills, worked at businesses since they opened, worked about 10 to 15 years or less than; and then, we were let go. Unemployment can happened to anyone, doesn’t even matter on how old you are or how long you work at that business.


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