Still Living At Home? You’re Not Gonna Be There Forever.

Letting you know, it’s okay that you’re still living at home with your parents; doesn’t matter how old you are. You don’t have to leave home at an specific age, I know some people that I graduated with in high school, moved back home after graduating college. Do I still live at home my family? Yes I do and I’m 24. Am I proud of that? No but I know that I am not gonna be living at home with my family for a long time. And neither are you.

Living at home is actually helping and preparing you, believe it or not. You’re learning how to be financial stable and secure also taking care of yourself when you move out from home. Before I lost my job, I was saving money and getting ready to move out. I would split my paycheck, one half would go to my savings and the other would go into my apartment living. If you’re still in high school, I highly suggested take a class called ‘independent living’. That class would help you with everything to finance, budgeting, taxes, job resume, and so much more that no one would tell you. Honestly, that class was so relevant to me while I was in high school and I took the class twice; my junior year and senior year.

  Basically what I’m saying is, just because that you’re still living at home it’s not the end of the world so chill.


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