My Top 5 Affordable Clothing Stores/Sites

Hey loves!

I love shopping online and also in stores but on the budget. I want to share with you my top 5 affordable clothing stores and sites to shop at and save money.

#1. 599fashion: These clothes are very affordable and fashionable as well. The clothing site is based in Los Angeles, shipping rate depends on the items you have in your cart (They ship international now).

#2. Plato’s Closet: It’s a trendy teen/young adult thrift store and you can also sell your gently used or brand new clothes for cash.

#3. Rosegal: It’s over seas clothing site, based in China. Their size chart is a little different, you have to go a size up from your original size (example: my size is medium, so I have to get a large). Their shipping is free worldwide but your order comes in 7-20 business days.

#4. Clothingunder10: These clothes are so cute and affordable and I love them! This site is based in Miami and these clothes are under $10. Shipping rates depends on the amount of items in your cart. I’m not sure if they’re international or not.

#5. Twinkle Deals: Another China based clothing site. They’re also free shipping worldwide and affordable.


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