My No Spend September & October Month

Hey loves.

So I already know what you’re thinking, ‘Shabria, are you serious going to do a bi-monthly no spend challenge? That’s crazy!’ Nah, not really, this is a piece a cake to me. Because I rarely spend my money UNLESS I really need something and I really don’t need anything. Plus I’m working from home and I don’t make money enough to ball. But I’m also doing a bi-monthly closet clean as well, I’m getting rid of my gently used clothes and accessories adding it to my poshmark closet (poshmark closet: itsshabriag29) and I’m also giving it away to my goodwill and savers stores near me. I think this is a great challenge for everyone to control their spending habits; its one of those ‘needs vs wants’ deals, like, ‘do I need this or do I need that.’ I hope everyone does this cool exercise and I know you can do it.

Happy reading and follow my blog for more posts xo

Comment below, if you would do this challenge in the future?


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