Tips on Making Extra Money for the Holidays πŸŽ„πŸ’²

Hey Loves!

I think we all are trying to make some extra money for Christmas shopping and especially after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and also when you don’t have enough after from your paycheck. So, I have some easy tips on how to make extra money for the holidays.

Tip 1: Sell Your Items. I don’t mean sell everything! Just sell the gently used items that you don’t have the use for anymore, sell them at your local consignment thrift stores that takes clothing, accessories, furniture, or other.

Tip 2: Cash in your loose change. This is an oldie but an goodie, back when I was in middle and high school I use to save my change to cash them in.

Tip 3: Test/Review. Β There are some websites that need some testers for beauty/fashion items, apps for Android/iOS and websites. Also reading books/ebooks, listening to music of all genres, and watching television shows/movies.

Tip 4: Turn You Passion Into Paycheck. Either you’re self-taught, certificated, student or just graduated, use your education and passion to earn money.

↓Here’s some links of articles of how to make extra money for other websites, just in case I forgot some ideas. ↓

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*Earn Quick Cash for Christmas

*Make Extra Money During Holidays


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