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How I Deal With My Learning Disability on a Daily Basis

Hey, my loved ones.

If you’re new here on my blog, I’m Shabria thank you for stopping by and reading. And if you’re one of my day one readers, thank you for coming back for another blog post.

So on today’s blog post, I want to share with you how I deal with my learning disability as a adult on a day to day basis. To anyone who’s curious what I’m diagnosed with, I have APD (auditory processing disorder) it means I have poor listening skills, poor reading comprehension, and miscommunication with family, teachers, and others and I also have dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematics). I was tested young when I was in elementary school, I think I was in the first grade.

To be honest, how I deal with my learning disability as a adult isn’t terrible but I do struggle at times. Like, let’s take shopping for instance I really love shopping but I really do get nervous when I have to count my money in public. In my wallet, I have both cash and loose change, I use my cash more than my loose change when I’m paying. If any cashiers asks me if I have any change, I lie. I know that’s bad but I really don’t like counting money in public, because impatient customers makes me very nervous. And also, I have a hard time figuring out sale prices on top of my head. Yes, I’m also terrible at mental math as well. When my favorite store has sale going on, I struggle with the sale prices mentally, so I have to fake it like I know the price when clearly I don’t (LOL). After, when I’m done embarrassing myself in public with my dyscalculia, I go straight home and my home is my comfort zone and that’s where I can count all of my money in private. I do like shopping online at times.

With my APD, at times I do struggle with remembering what my family told or said to me, I always ask them to please repeat themselves for me and they do but I sometimes feel like it does frustrates them like it frustrates me too. Not just my family but also when go to classes for my disability and my parents have to go with me because I’m really terrible on remembering or passing the message to my parents. So, I would audio record or write down to help me remember or remind myself. When I’m at home, I like to watch tv or Netflix/Hulu Plus with the subtitles on the screen because I like to read them (LOL) and I sometimes have a hard time hearing the tv.

To anyone wants to know if I work, I work from home as a freelance writer, proof-reader/editor, and selling handmade bracelets and gently used clothes. I make money as I go, it’s not a lot but I’m really content with it. I really do want to work and make more money with a bi-weekly paycheck but with my dyscalculia and APD, it might get really difficult for me. My dream careers are becoming a photographer, young/new adult author and florist. I use take a few online classes or courses to advance my education. I live with my parents and my twenty-three year old sister, I’m not in relationship or marriage, and I don’t have any kids either. Letting you guys know, I really do want to be more independent for myself because I do want to show my parents, that I’m going to be okay and they don’t have to worry about me. Even though, I’m saying that I know that my parents will always worry about me; even when I say don’t worry about me.

So, that’s what how I deal my learning disability on a daily basis. If you have learning disability, there’s a support group on Facebook. It’s called ‘ Adults with Learning Disabilities Support Group’. I’m really glad that I have a platform to talk about my learning disability and spread awareness. I always thought that I was alone but now, I’m not and now you’re not either.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I really do appreciate it. If you want to click on that ‘follow’ button to be the first one to read my blog posts in the future, please do so.

Thank you for reading, xo Shabria


4 thoughts on “How I Deal With My Learning Disability on a Daily Basis”

  1. Girl don’t feel bad. Do what you can. Honey that’s what the calculator on the iphone is for. It’s for people like me who can’t do mental math, math on paper and I can’t count sticks either… Ok! Seriously I’m making light of it, but I can’t count . I have a child that has a learning disability and it is challenging but through love, patience , God and a will to keep going; you can make it. I love your blogs too. Hugs~

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      1. Hello, I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m trying to makeover my blog. Do you see my new look or does it look the same? I’m trying to see what my followers see. I may need to adjust something. What is the first picture you see?


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