Empowering Affirmation #1

Hello my readers, here’s some affirmations for you to get you empowered and get you through your week.


I’ve discovered that I am fierce.

I know my worth.

I choose what I become.

I wink at a challenge.

I have the power to change my story.

I have the courage the say “no”.

I use my failures as a steeping stone.

I will inspire others.

I was not made to give up.



Single Lady Activities on Valentine’s Day

Hello my fellow readers, thank you for reading my new blog post. If you’re new, my name is Shabria and welcome to my blog and I really hope you become a loyal reader to my blog *smiles*

Today on my blog, I want to share some activities for single ladies on Valentine’s Day; from a single lady to another single lady.

Go Shopping: If you just received your paycheck or you’ve been saving up your coins, then go spoiled yourself honey BUT be mindful on how much you spend, because you do have some bills to pay.

Go to a Beauty Salon/Spa: If you want to get your nails/hair done, get a massage or whatever. Going to a beauty salon or spa is a great place to relieve some stress from work or school, so go ahead you deserve it!

Pamper Yourself: If you don’t have enough money or you just rather pamper yourself frugally, go for it! Soak yourself in a warm, relaxing, bubbly bath with epsom salts, have some candles lit, eating some chocolate covered strawberries, and do your own nails.

Single Girls’ Night Out/Galentine’s Day: Get your single or newly single girlfriends and go out to brunch, dinner, hit a nightclub, or have a slumber party. All my single ladies, put your hands up! *Cues Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ Song*

Stay In: If you’re really don’t want go out and not being around anyone, which I’m gonna to do this year. Soak yourself in a warm bubbly bath with epsom salts, have some candles lit, binge watching tv shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu, and eating some popcorn.

Well, there’s some of my single lady activities for Valentine’s Day, you don’t need a man to have a good time. Enjoy yourself and have a great Valentine’s Day this year!

10 Apps for To Do Lists / Staying Organized

If getting organized was part your new year goals and you haven’t gotten started, letting you know it’s not too late to get started. I found some apps that you can use on your smart device and these apps are available for iOS, Android, Web, and Chrome; some of these apps are free and some aren’t.

  1. Do! – Simple To Do List : It’s free and it’s only available on iOS.
  2. Wunderlist: Free and available on iOS, Android, Mac, Web, Windows, Kindle Fire and Chrome.
  3. Any.do: Free but premium costs $2.99/mo; it’s available on iOS, Mac, Android, Web, and Chrome.
  4. Productive – Habit Tracker: Free and available on iOS (maybe Android)
  5. One List : Free and only available on iOS.
  6. Google Keep : Free and available on iOS, Android, Web and Chrome.
  7. PocketLife Calendar: Free and only available on iOS.
  8. InkPad Notepad: Free but premium costs $1.99/mo or $19.99/yr; only available iOS and Android.
  9.  24me – Smart Personal Assistant: Free and available on iOS and Android.
  10. Evernote: Basic/Free, Plus/$34.99yr and Premium/$69.99yr and only available on iOS, Windows, and Android.

Stress Free and Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Hey my loved ones! If you’re new to my blog, I’m Shabria and if you’re not, welcome back 🙂

Today on my this blog post, I will be sharing some budget friendly and stress free holiday gift ideas for you especially if it’s last minute as well.

  1. Gift Cards – Now who doesn’t love gift cards?! I love getting gift cards and especially on my birthday also giving as well. You can find gift cards at grocery or retail stores that carries them, pick the card they might want or their favorite store, it activates after you pay for them.
  2. Gift Sets – I also love getting these as well! Just think about it, everything you need in a box for a great price! Either it’s skincare, nail care, makeup, hair care, or perfume/cologne. In the makeup gift sets, there’s a eye shadow palette, mascara, liquid eyeliner or pencil, blush/highlighter, makeup brushes, and a small pouch. Like come on now, who doesn’t love that?!
  3. Secret Santa – After family or friend gatherings, draw your name and what do you want for Christmas on a small piece of paper, fold it up and put it in a bowl or hat with your family or friends names. You or someone will give it a shake then each of you will take one piece of paper and that’s the person you’ll get the present for.

So, those a few holiday gift ideas that are budget friendly and stress free. I hope this was very helpful to you. If you have some stress free and budget friendly holiday gift ideas, please share in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading xo

My Shopping Experience on Wish App

Hey loved ones!

If you’re new on my blog, my name is Shabria and thank you for coming by (virtual hugs) and if you’re day one reader, I really do appreciate you for coming back!

On this blog post, I want to share my shopping experience with the wish app. If you don’t know anything about the wish app, it’s similar to amazon but it has more items and it’s very affordable. I made two orders (one on May 28th and one on August 2nd), on my first order, I ordered three items and they arrived between mid June to early July. On my second order, I ordered four items and all of the items arrived mid to late August. Each of the items that I ordered matched to the description on the site. I’ve heard from some people who has ordered on Wish, that didn’t get their item or the item wasn’t accurate on the picture. To me, it sucks because people are spending their hard earned money and they’re not getting what they payed for and they’re having trust issues while online shopping. I also like to say that everyone has their own experience while shopping on Wish and my experience was very decent. If you’re not aware, I uploaded two youtube videos on my channel on what I purchased and my honest review. If you like to watch those videos the links are below this post.

My 1st Wish App Haul Video: https://youtu.be/MFBlRLoa1ic

Wish App Review #1: https://youtu.be/lsoXHeH2GDI

Thank you for taking the time to read and I’ll write again soon, take care!