What I Learned About Blogging So Far

Hi my loved ones!

If you’re new to my blog, my name is Shabria and if you’re not new, welcome back. So, today’s blog post I’m talking about what I’ve learned so far about blogging and getting really serious about it. Letting you know, that this isn’t my first blog, this is my second blog. But, this blog I’m trying to get more serious about with blog posts, collaborations with companies and/or other bloggers, and so on.

  1. Be Consistent: This is so important and sometimes for me, I don’t come through with this at all LOL. Maybe someone will agree with me on this but it’s hard to come up with blog post topics/ideas, I seriously have to read someone else’s blog post to get inspired and if that doesn’t work; I go on good old Pinterest to get inspired to write a blog post. Also, have or get a blog schedule so you can be organized.
  2. Always Double Check Your Posts: From misspelling, grammar, punctuation.
  3. Work What You Have: Whatever you use for your blogging, continue to use it until you want or get an update.
  4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers: So true and I’m passing this on to other bloggers who are starting out; the number of readers are yours and only yours. To your writing style, blog theme, blog posts, whatever that’s all yours and nobody else’s.

15 Tips For Better Time Management

Hey my loved ones,

I want to share with you some time management tips – if you’re working from home or you’re working a regular 9 to 5 job.

1. Stop Multi-Tasking

2. Set Deadlines

3. Prioritize Tasks

4. Remove Distractions

5. Keep Your Mind Fresh

6. Set Reminders

7. Decline Additional Commitments

8.  Straighten Up Your Workspace

9. Get More Organized

10. Get In A Routine

11. Manage Your Stress

12. Break Big Projects Into Steps

13. Only Take On What You Can Finish

14. Get Inspired

15. Only Focus On What Matters

I Really Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Yeah, it’s true I don’t celebrate Halloween. Halloween wasn’t a holiday that my family and I celebrated, we didn’t buy costumes, go trick -n- treating or whatever you do on Halloween. I remember when I was in the 1st grade and the school was having a Halloween party/parade, told my parents and they told my teacher and principal that I’m not participating in Halloween activities; so it was my choice to leave school for the rest of the day or stay in the principal’s office and I left school for the rest of the day. But other years on Halloween, my former schools didn’t participated so I didn’t have to leave school early or stay in the principal’s office.

When I have children of my own in the future, I will definitely continue this whole ‘don’t celebrate Halloween and the true meaning of holidays.’ My grandparents did it with my parents and aunts/uncles and my parents did to me and my sisters and I will do it too.

If you want to celebrate Halloween, go ahead but I don’t.

Still Living At Home? You’re Not Gonna Be There Forever.

Letting you know, it’s okay that you’re still living at home with your parents; doesn’t matter how old you are. You don’t have to leave home at an specific age, I know some people that I graduated with in high school, moved back home after graduating college. Do I still live at home my family? Yes I do and I’m 24. Am I proud of that? No but I know that I am not gonna be living at home with my family for a long time. And neither are you.

Living at home is actually helping and preparing you, believe it or not. You’re learning how to be financial stable and secure also taking care of yourself when you move out from home. Before I lost my job, I was saving money and getting ready to move out. I would split my paycheck, one half would go to my savings and the other would go into my apartment living. If you’re still in high school, I highly suggested take a class called ‘independent living’. That class would help you with everything to finance, budgeting, taxes, job resume, and so much more that no one would tell you. Honestly, that class was so relevant to me while I was in high school and I took the class twice; my junior year and senior year.

  Basically what I’m saying is, just because that you’re still living at home it’s not the end of the world so chill.

25 Facts About Me

Hey my lovebugs!

I feel like that my readers still don’t know who I am, so I decided that I should do a ‘25 facts about me’ blog post. That way that my loyal readers can get to know me a little bit better.

  1. How to pronounced my name: Sha-bree-uh
  2. I’m 23 years old
  3. My birthday is July 29th
  4. I live in Las Vegas
  5. My dream locations are California or Florida *L.A. or Miami to be specific*
  6. I’m currently WAH *work at home*
  7. I’m the middle child, sadly
  8. I have 2 sisters; an older sister who’s 30 & an younger sister who’s 21
  9. I’m a youtuber, please check out my channel; just search me under ‘Ms. Shabria Gxo’
  10. I’m a recovering from pain killers *4 years today*
  11. I have depression and an learning disability
  12. I’m an introvert *goggle it*
  13. My favorite crafting stores are Michaels, Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby
  14. I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Aaliyah and Selena Quintanilla
  15. When I was younger, I wanted to become a professional singer *I still do*
  16. Back when I was in high school, I was in the preforming arts; I was in jazz choir, dance and theater for 4 years.
  17. I don’t like doing just one career, I love doing multi-careers
  18. My main goals are finding a career that I enjoy and making money, making myself and my family proud of me, and having the body that I always dream of.
  19. Oprah is my spirit animal and I just love her.
  20. I want to help young girls to reach their goals and help them regain their self-love and confidence
  21. If I respect you, please respect me back. If not, you’re dead to me
  22. I like being with positive, like-minded, goal-oriented people
  23. I love to shop smart with coupons and in the clearance sections *frugal life*
  24. My top 3 favorite mottos are ‘do the best you can’, ‘don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others’, and ‘make your passion your paycheck.’
  25. I’m a girl who loves their pizza, wine, chocolate, money, and wifi

So, those are my 25 facts about me. I hope you enjoy and got to know me better. If you haven’t done a 25 facts about yourself, please do so I can get to know you as well.

New Blog Theme

Hi lovebugs, how are you today?

So, as you can see that I’ve changed my blog theme! Do you like it, isn’t so prudy? XD

In case if you’re wondering what the theme called, it’s called ‘adelle’. I got this from aprettierweb.com; it’s a wordpress blogger tips and tricks. That site has helped me so much with my blog, because I want my blog to grow and get better for my readers, so if you’re a newbie — like me — then please the website check it out. And plus the theme was free and free is my middle name LOL. I will leave the website below, so you can check it out!

Free Feminine WordPress Themes

Where do you get your free wordpress themes from? Comment below.