Stress Free and Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

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Today on my this blog post, I will be sharing some budget friendly and stress free holiday gift ideas for you especially if it’s last minute as well.

  1. Gift Cards – Now who doesn’t love gift cards?! I love getting gift cards and especially on my birthday also giving as well. You can find gift cards at grocery or retail stores that carries them, pick the card they might want or their favorite store, it activates after you pay for them.
  2. Gift Sets – I also love getting these as well! Just think about it, everything you need in a box for a great price! Either it’s skincare, nail care, makeup, hair care, or perfume/cologne. In the makeup gift sets, there’s a eye shadow palette, mascara, liquid eyeliner or pencil, blush/highlighter, makeup brushes, and a small pouch. Like come on now, who doesn’t love that?!
  3. Secret Santa – After family or friend gatherings, draw your name and what do you want for Christmas on a small piece of paper, fold it up and put it in a bowl or hat with your family or friends names. You or someone will give it a shake then each of you will take one piece of paper and that’s the person you’ll get the present for.

So, those a few holiday gift ideas that are budget friendly and stress free. I hope this was very helpful to you. If you have some stress free and budget friendly holiday gift ideas, please share in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading xo


My Shopping Experience on Wish App

Hey loved ones!

If you’re new on my blog, my name is Shabria and thank you for coming by (virtual hugs) and if you’re day one reader, I really do appreciate you for coming back!

On this blog post, I want to share my shopping experience with the wish app. If you don’t know anything about the wish app, it’s similar to amazon but it has more items and it’s very affordable. I made two orders (one on May 28th and one on August 2nd), on my first order, I ordered three items and they arrived between mid June to early July. On my second order, I ordered four items and all of the items arrived mid to late August. Each of the items that I ordered matched to the description on the site. I’ve heard from some people who has ordered on Wish, that didn’t get their item or the item wasn’t accurate on the picture. To me, it sucks because people are spending their hard earned money and they’re not getting what they payed for and they’re having trust issues while online shopping. I also like to say that everyone has their own experience while shopping on Wish and my experience was very decent. If you’re not aware, I uploaded two youtube videos on my channel on what I purchased and my honest review. If you like to watch those videos the links are below this post.

My 1st Wish App Haul Video:

Wish App Review #1:

Thank you for taking the time to read and I’ll write again soon, take care!

7 Stores to Buy Affordable Planners & Accessories

Hey loved ones, if you’re new to my blog I’m Shabria.

As you know, the planner community is growing and growing and it’s really amazing! I remember when had my first planner, I was in high school and it was very essential for me because I was very disorganized for 4 years. During my high school years, I really didn’t spend alot of money on planners because I brought some pretty affordable  planners and accessories; I still do. In this blog post, I really wanted to share with you where you can find affordable girly or unisex planners, especially you’re new to planning.

  1. Target : Target has some very girly/trendy and unisex affordable planners from large, medium and pocketbook (purse) sized. Also, take a look at the dollar spot because there are some cute weekly and monthly pocket planners for a $1. In their dollar spot, they also have cute stickers and accessories.
  2. Walmart : Walmart’s planners come in thick and thin for affordable price, also their stickers are very cute as well.
  3. TJMAXX: Do not sleep on TJMAXX because they have cute planners for a AMAZING price, unfortunately they don’t have any stickers but they do have cute stationary items. And their stationary items are markdown and on clearance, so take advantage at TJMAXX!
  4. ROSS: Do not sleep on Ross either! Their stationary items are really cute and markdown at compared prices.
  5. Marshalls: Do I have to say it, I guess I do lol. Their stationary is very affordable and markdown by the compared price. Once again, do not sleep on Marshalls!
  6. Michaels: Yes good old Michaels. I have seen their planners and they’re pretty affordable with or without the coupon and their sales. But unfortunately for me, I never purchased their planners (yet) but I have heard from others who have and they said that they’re in love. But I am in love with their stickers and washi tapes, because they come in different themes, designs and collections.
  7. Dollar Tree: Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Really Dollar Tree?” Yes, Dollar Tree. In their store, they carry simple, cute, unisex and character monthly and weekly planners. In the beginning of the 2017 year, I did purchased their unisex weekly 2017 planner in the color red. Also in their store, they carry cute stickers and washi tapes, and yes everything is $1.

So, those are some affordable stores that has planners either it’s cute and girly or unisex. I hope you go and check these stores out and remember have some control lol.

Small Michaels Haul

Hey loved ones, welcome back to my blog! If you’re new, I’m Shabria and welcome! So last week, I went Michaels craft store to pick a few things and they also had 30-40% off sale going on at the time.

What I brought:

2x notebooks, 32 pages ( one is lined and other isn’t) : $1 each

Good Housekeeping Hand Soap in Strawberry Sugar: $1

3x Pearl Stickers, 40 pc: $1 each

3x Bead Gallery Stung Beads in Green Label (regular priced $4.99 but sale priced $2.39) 

3x Bead Landing Stung Beads: clearance priced $2.99

Recollections planner stickers: $3.99 each 

My Top 5 Affordable Clothing Stores/Sites

Hey loves!

I love shopping online and also in stores but on the budget. I want to share with you my top 5 affordable clothing stores and sites to shop at and save money.

#1. 599fashion: These clothes are very affordable and fashionable as well. The clothing site is based in Los Angeles, shipping rate depends on the items you have in your cart (They ship international now).

#2. Plato’s Closet: It’s a trendy teen/young adult thrift store and you can also sell your gently used or brand new clothes for cash.

#3. Rosegal: It’s over seas clothing site, based in China. Their size chart is a little different, you have to go a size up from your original size (example: my size is medium, so I have to get a large). Their shipping is free worldwide but your order comes in 7-20 business days.

#4. Clothingunder10: These clothes are so cute and affordable and I love them! This site is based in Miami and these clothes are under $10. Shipping rates depends on the amount of items in your cart. I’m not sure if they’re international or not.

#5. Twinkle Deals: Another China based clothing site. They’re also free shipping worldwide and affordable.