Favorite YASS Ma’am/Inspiring Twitter Quotes [Part 1]

Hi fellow readers! I’m Shabria and welcome to my blog *virtual hugs*

So, when I’m not coming up with a new blog post or writing one. I’m on twitter, tweeting or retweeting, which I’m sort of active on besides Instagram or Youtube. So, majority of my twitter timeline, it’s tweets that I can relate and that gives me that ‘yass ma’am’ moment. And I want to share them with you and I will definitely leave their twitter handles, so you can follow them if you want.


“Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything you are.” – @akaydoll

“Mind your business. Stack you money. And better yourself everyday.” – @amrezy

“Everything that glitters ain’t gold. Even if it sounds like a great opportunity and attracts you from how it looks on the outside –it doesn’t always mean it’ll be a great fit for you. Don’t get caught up on big company names, brands, etc and trust your own judgement.”  – @ashleyncraddock

“Don’t let your dreams paralyze you because you think they’re too big. Dream big, create a plan, and go after your goals, darling.” – @kelleygreen_

“God is making room in your life. You’re going to need space for the blessing that’s coming your way.” – @TopazBryant

“I’m a rich woman already. The money just on the way.” – @BritneyLClark