Tips on Making Extra Money for the Holidays 🎄💲

Hey Loves!

I think we all are trying to make some extra money for Christmas shopping and especially after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and also when you don’t have enough after from your paycheck. So, I have some easy tips on how to make extra money for the holidays.

Tip 1: Sell Your Items. I don’t mean sell everything! Just sell the gently used items that you don’t have the use for anymore, sell them at your local consignment thrift stores that takes clothing, accessories, furniture, or other.

Tip 2: Cash in your loose change. This is an oldie but an goodie, back when I was in middle and high school I use to save my change to cash them in.

Tip 3: Test/Review.  There are some websites that need some testers for beauty/fashion items, apps for Android/iOS and websites. Also reading books/ebooks, listening to music of all genres, and watching television shows/movies.

Tip 4: Turn You Passion Into Paycheck. Either you’re self-taught, certificated, student or just graduated, use your education and passion to earn money.

↓Here’s some links of articles of how to make extra money for other websites, just in case I forgot some ideas. ↓

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I Really Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Yeah, it’s true I don’t celebrate Halloween. Halloween wasn’t a holiday that my family and I celebrated, we didn’t buy costumes, go trick -n- treating or whatever you do on Halloween. I remember when I was in the 1st grade and the school was having a Halloween party/parade, told my parents and they told my teacher and principal that I’m not participating in Halloween activities; so it was my choice to leave school for the rest of the day or stay in the principal’s office and I left school for the rest of the day. But other years on Halloween, my former schools didn’t participated so I didn’t have to leave school early or stay in the principal’s office.

When I have children of my own in the future, I will definitely continue this whole ‘don’t celebrate Halloween and the true meaning of holidays.’ My grandparents did it with my parents and aunts/uncles and my parents did to me and my sisters and I will do it too.

If you want to celebrate Halloween, go ahead but I don’t.

My No Spend September & October Month

Hey loves.

So I already know what you’re thinking, ‘Shabria, are you serious going to do a bi-monthly no spend challenge? That’s crazy!’ Nah, not really, this is a piece a cake to me. Because I rarely spend my money UNLESS I really need something and I really don’t need anything. Plus I’m working from home and I don’t make money enough to ball. But I’m also doing a bi-monthly closet clean as well, I’m getting rid of my gently used clothes and accessories adding it to my poshmark closet (poshmark closet: itsshabriag29) and I’m also giving it away to my goodwill and savers stores near me. I think this is a great challenge for everyone to control their spending habits; its one of those ‘needs vs wants’ deals, like, ‘do I need this or do I need that.’ I hope everyone does this cool exercise and I know you can do it.

Happy reading and follow my blog for more posts xo

Comment below, if you would do this challenge in the future?

In My Future ❤️

So, if you’re wondering where I have been and why I’m being absent on my blog. I’ve been working on my online jewelry business/store. I know, it’s very exciting for me and I’ve been focused of this project but I’m also working on other projects as well. So far, the progress is about 35% – 40% done; I’m just being patient and focused. I already had a small amount of jewelry supplies and tools but I did stock up on them when I went to Michael’s when they had their 50%-70% sale recently.


The only thing that I’m really worried about is shipping. I really can’t afford the tracking numbers of the shipping labels, so I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I will think of it. I’m not selling my jewelry on Etsy because there’s so much competition and a few hidden fees that I can’t afford; I might sell them on Storenvy or somewhere that’s free and no hidden fees ( if you don’t already, I’m very cheap/frugal with my money).


To be honest, I’m very nervous about my online store. Because I don’t know if it will be a success or not, I’ve been thinking about my online jewelry store since I was 19 years young. I’ve been making jewelry when I was around 14-15 years young; I started selling them around my high school for a small price like $3-$4. My business did alright; I made a total of $105 minus stocking up on supplies. I just hope my online store do alright because I just want make income again.