Empowering Affirmation #1

Hello my readers, here’s some affirmations for you to get you empowered and get you through your week.


I’ve discovered that I am fierce.

I know my worth.

I choose what I become.

I wink at a challenge.

I have the power to change my story.

I have the courage the say “no”.

I use my failures as a steeping stone.

I will inspire others.

I was not made to give up.



15 Tips For Better Time Management

Hey my loved ones,

I want to share with you some time management tips – if you’re working from home or you’re working a regular 9 to 5 job.

1. Stop Multi-Tasking

2. Set Deadlines

3. Prioritize Tasks

4. Remove Distractions

5. Keep Your Mind Fresh

6. Set Reminders

7. Decline Additional Commitments

8.  Straighten Up Your Workspace

9. Get More Organized

10. Get In A Routine

11. Manage Your Stress

12. Break Big Projects Into Steps

13. Only Take On What You Can Finish

14. Get Inspired

15. Only Focus On What Matters

My No Spend September & October Month

Hey loves.

So I already know what you’re thinking, ‘Shabria, are you serious going to do a bi-monthly no spend challenge? That’s crazy!’ Nah, not really, this is a piece a cake to me. Because I rarely spend my money UNLESS I really need something and I really don’t need anything. Plus I’m working from home and I don’t make money enough to ball. But I’m also doing a bi-monthly closet clean as well, I’m getting rid of my gently used clothes and accessories adding it to my poshmark closet (poshmark closet: itsshabriag29) and I’m also giving it away to my goodwill and savers stores near me. I think this is a great challenge for everyone to control their spending habits; its one of those ‘needs vs wants’ deals, like, ‘do I need this or do I need that.’ I hope everyone does this cool exercise and I know you can do it.

Happy reading and follow my blog for more posts xo

Comment below, if you would do this challenge in the future?